Stefan Adika, a bass guitarist who has played in the bands - Dad's Porno Mag and L.A. Guns. He has also played with former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and was a member of the Dee Dee Ramone Band. Adika has also performed live with Alice Cooper and Eddie Van Halen.
Stefan is the Bass Guitarist at The Sunset Winos (band). The Sunset Winos are an All-Star jam band featuring members of and from Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, Jellyfish, Stray Cats, Dee Dee Ramone Band, and many more! The band members include crazy rockstars - Stefan Adika, Eric Singer, Slim Jim Phantom, Eric Dover, Ryan Roxie, Teddy ZigZag, and many more.
Adika now has his own morning talk show on YouTube called Coffee Talk with ADIKA Live.
Michael McVey is one of the co-hosts, or as Adika likes to call them, "Henchman" on his show. 
Michael McVey is the Lead Vocalist of the Texas-based band, Tame Fury. The band formed in 2013 when McVey accepted a slot to open for iconic rockers Dokken. Tame Fury's other band members include well-known drummer Phred Williams, Mark Banston, Brandon (Phred's son), and Erick Villareal. McVey is also a connoisseur of the American rock band, KISS, and is funnily referred to as "Crazy KISS Fan" by his friends. 
This episode of #TVIS is a concoction, as Coffee Talk with ADIKA Live meets The VoiceIt Show. It's an honor to have on with us as our Special Guests from Coffee Talk Live with ADIKA, our favorite MICHAEL McVEY, and our very own STEFAN ADIKA himself! Watch on as we strive to keep them from being THEMSELVES!