Hail Tech!

2020 | This number has been an igniter of several emotions in everybody's heart based upon the things they've experienced within its existence. 2020 has provoked change like never before.

Every nation shutdown itself as the pandemic took over the world. Everybody knew that as necessary and precautionary as it was, somewhere in the headspace, people were also happy with the fact that they were finally going to get that free time from work that they'd always wanted!

The first few months of the shutdown- everybody enjoyed the leisure, the coziness of their homes, and spent quality time with their family. So, everybody looked perhaps chilled than worried. But as this period of inactivity grew, every working human started growing restless. People who were always on the move now felt shackled by the closedown. And everyone's mind started twitching to do something!

Now everyone knew that the pandemic wasn't going to go soon, businesses had to be resumed, and working hands had to go back to work, humans rediscovered the internet! Of course, the internet always was there but was never used in the way we use it presently. The power and potential of www came out like never-seen-before! Offices and businesses resumed without the workplace and physical infrastructure. Everybody started WFH! Now the restlessness and leisure were replaced with the workload and pending projects. And the same living space in everyone's houses became their new office!

Virtual meetings and streaming platforms experienced a boost in their usage. Events, conferences, webinars, business meetings, family functions - everything started happening virtually! Even events like live concerts, which would usually take place on a broader spectrum filling up stadiums and flooding arenas with audiences, started happening "from our living room to yours!"

Who could have imagined a day-to-day necessity like grocery shopping would go online too? This thing was massive! And these are just a few examples. Facebook had organized a two-day virtual event called Fuel For India 2020. It was focused wholly on the dynamic social and economic transformation that the world has ever seen. And if you've watched it, you know it - what enormous, inspiring examples pan India of people using technology to equip their businesses and bounce back in these critical times! Everything seems so phenomenal as we know it is happening.

The whole episode of the shutdown has shown me that we already have the tools and technology necessary and powerful enough to traverse any territory that life takes us through. It's just that it takes certain situations or circumstances to make us realize how to use them to their full potential and maybe develop and discover something new in the process. If you have the will to find a solution, then things and events that we're usually used to seeing take place at a large scale can still be organized, celebrated, and executed well in their full glory right from the corner of your room!

All hail technology!

~ Kanak Kavadi

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