mike fasano

 Born and raised in Burbank California, Mike Fasano picked up his first pair of drum sticks in his flag salute band at St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Elementary School. Out of high school, Mike honed his chops drumming internationally sailing the seven seas in lounge bands aboard Princess Cruises, a.k.a., the Love Boat. Two years later, his big brother figure, Matt Sorum, convinced him to stay on dry land so he would not miss audition opportunities in Los Angeles.
Mike has since done his share of time drumming (touring & recording) for bands: Gilby Clarke (formerly of Gun’s N’ Roses), Don Felder (formerly of Eagles),  John Gregory. 
Mike was also the 7th, 9th, and 11th drummer of Warrant.
Currently, he’s back in the hot seat drumming with Tiger Army.

Our debut episode of #TVIS with Mike will always remain at the pinnacle no matter how far we reach and he'll always be at the top of our list, no matter who guests our show!  

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