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Marc Danzeisen was born in Riverside, California, and has been a professional musician since 1976.  Growing up, he was surrounded by many Jazz and Big Band greats who influenced him to pursue music and show business.  He was mentored by such drumming legends as Gene Krupa, Shelly Mann and Jack Sperling.  His godfather was his father's good friend and past band-mate Gerry Mulligan.  As you can see, astounding influences indeed.  


At ten years old, Marc 'sat in' with the Lionel Hampton big band during a performance at one of Disneyland's Big Band summer nights events.  Since that night, Marc was hooked.  Marc has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1980.  He has been in many signed bands, such as Gilby Clarke, Riverdogs, and Little Caesar, and is also a founding member of the Bulletboys.  He was also a writer-producer for Clarence Avant's R&B label Tabu-CBS in '86, and was a session drummer for Motown's West Coast 'Hitsville' studio briefly.  He was the house drummer for Rondor Music Publishing and "The House of Blues, Educational band" in 1993.  


He has been involved in television (Don't Forget Your Toothbrush, 2000) as the member of the game show studio band.  Marc is an accomplished songwriter and has had many of his songs played on commercials, network and cable shows, which he continues to do each year.  He's dabbled in acting, though not really acting for him, as the drummer in Davy Jones's band in "The Brady Bunch Movie," and appeared on the HGTV show "Weekend Warriors."  


When not touring, Marc, with his vast knowledge of fine carpentry, has been an art department assistant/art director/prop man on the shows "Unsolved Mysteries" and "When Animals Attack" and various movie press junkets.

Marc owns his own recording studio, 'Sausage Factory Studios,' and produces/mixes bands, artists, and voice-over artists, along with writing for his own solo albums every few years.  He also stays busy with session work as a drummer and has appeared on the Def Leppard album "YEAH!-Bonus Tracks," playing drums and singing backgrounds on the cover of "American Girl."  Later he can be heard singing background on the Def Leppard album "Welcome to the Sparkle Lounge."  


Marc is a very versatile artist and has a talent for just about anything creative and musical. He's a rare musician that can play thirteen instruments, record, engineer, mix, produce, write songs, build drums, name it.  With the music business changing so rapidly, Marc feels 'there is no need to slow down, and if you don't multitask in the business these days, you'll drown.'


So he keeps doing whatever he can to make his living in the music, film, and television businesses.

Lastly, Marc is involved with the 'Julian Rock Memorial,' founded by his dear friends Becky & Don Thorvund in San Jose, California to raise money for the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

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