Nora Fasano

Drummer for Bah Ram You


Scampi a.k.a Nora Fasano, is the drummer, the powerhouse of the band, Bah Ram You. BAH RAM YOU is a high energy nerd-punk, pulling sounds from ska, punk, rock, and alternative music.

Scampi is a member of the albums Groovie Ghoulies Go! Stories, The Haints Battle Of Wounded Heart, The Groovie Ghoulies 99 Lives, Groovie Ghoulies Monster Club, and more. Her band was the WINNER OF BLIZZCON 2019 TALENT CONTEST – ‘CLASSIC WOW’.

Nora's personal interests include petting cats and chickens. She's also the better half of the legendary Drummer, Mike Fasano who currently plays for the Tiger Army, and has graced our show as a Special Guest on Episode #001.

Nora & Mike together have a wonderful farm, which they like to call 'FarmSano.'

We were truly honored to have her on our show! We engage in a conversation with Scampi on a plethora of topics in this episode.

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