Jeremy Colson

Legendary Drummer for Steve Vai, Sabastian Bach

"For close to 20 years, you have been the powerful foundational background for our performances and recordings. You have evolved tremendously as a musician and a person, and our brotherly connection is a gift to us in this life. The love is big, and so are you. Nobody I’ve ever seen plays drums with as much power and joy. You have also taught me the great importance of wearing ear protection on stage because your sonic bombashery is louder than the sound system!!!!"
- Steve Vai

Jeremy Colson is a world-renowned drummer who's a longtime drummer for guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Jeremy has toured the globe with a long list of diverse bands and musicians, including Billy Idol, Marty Friedman of Megadeth fame, and Michael Schenker of UFO and Scorpions. In addition to touring, he is a sought-after session drummer who has recorded professionally with a wide range of rock, metal and pop acts, including Eric Gales, Johnny Hiland and Sebastian Bach, the original voice for the platinum-selling band, Skid Row. After countless international tours and appearances, recording multiple full-length studio albums, two concert DVDs and a Grammy nomination for "Now We Run" from the iconic live album "Where the Wild Things Are," Jeremy remains Steve’s go-to drummer almost two decades later. Jeremy is a drum teacher at the School of Rock Santa Clarita. He loves Tattoos, Mountain Bike Riding, and Steve Earle.

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