Brijitte West

Frontwoman, Guitarist of NY Loose


Brijitte West is the acclaimed front-woman for the 1990’s band NY Loose (“Year Of The Rat” on Hollywood Records). NY Loose is most known for their classic song, “Spit,” which also appeared on the platinum-selling “The Crow City Of Angels” soundtrack in 1996. She’s also had a number of popular solo releases. Through a series of indie-label 7" singles, NY Loose quickly won an underground following. In late 1995 the group released “Loosen Up!,” a five-song EP on Flipside Records, that garnered raves from American critics, and soon after inked the deal with Hollywood Records. NY Loose released their first full-length album, “Year of the Rat,” in the fall of 1996.

Brijitte West's latest release “LOCKDOWN” is available now. Some of the album was written and all recorded during the lockdown of 2020. It was produced remotely, with London-based producers Thomas and Sword at the helm.


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