Djordje stijepovic

Djordje Stijepovic is a Grammy Nominated Bass Player, an Award-winning Artist, Composer, and a complete Slap Bass Freak!
Djordje is the bassist/singer for Tiger Army, Molotov, and he leads contemporary rockabilly band Atomic Sunset. He was also a member of the rock’n’roll supergroup Head Cat (with Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats and Lemmy of Motorhead) and US Gypsy music stars Fishtank Ensemble.
Djordje has a Conservatory degree in classical double bass performance and degrees in jazz bass and jazz arrangements, but his real education came from smoky eastern European juke joints where he played since he was 13 (often being the youngest in the bar).
Djordje’s latest project is the website Art of Slap Bass where he interviews and promotes current exponents of this style, ensuring that this lost art never disappears and finally earns well-deserved recognition.
Mr. Stijepovic has also written his first book about the history of slap bass and plans to publish it with a series of instructional videos.

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