Brooke Lizotte

Brooke Lizotte is a classically trained pianist, Hammond B-3ist, Multi Keyboardist, Wah-Wahist, Synthesist, Clavinetist, and whatnot! and producer.
Brooke’s most recent projects include playing piano on the 20th Century Fox Television series, “Shots Fired” (2017), piano on the new Dan Reed ambient album “Alchemy” (for release in 2019), plus live or recording dates with Lee Oskar of War, DreamWreck (w/Ben Smith of Heart), Grammy Award Winner, Jeff Silbar, (Wind Beneath My Wings), Starr Parodi (Arsenio Hall Musical Director), and Randy Meisner of the Eagles.... woof! It's a neverending list.
For many years, Brooke has written, recorded, and toured the U.K and Scandinavia with acclaimed singer/songwriter Dan Reed (of The Dan Reed Network).
Brooke’s work includes film/TV, recording sessions, and live performances with artists such as Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Lee Oskar of WAR, Grammy Award winner Randy Meisner, (the Eagles), Danny O’Keefe, Leona Lewis –UK, Mycle Wastman, Pamela Moore (Queensrÿche) and many more.
His Movie and TV Credits include, Shots Fired, Sex and the City 2, Burlesque, Happily N’Ever After, Last Night, Desperate Housewives, Half The Sky, The Canyon, Six Feet Under, Half & Half among others.

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