Ashley alexander


Ashley Alexander Roberts, is the Frontman, Lead Vocalist and Lead Guitarist of the rock band, Poison Zoomak. PZ is based in Northampton, UK. Ashley also plays Bass for the band - The Death Alley Drivers. Ashley has played and worked with many legends, and versatile rockstars and many great artists have worked for him! To name a few - James Brown, Ryan Roxie, and many more.
Ashley is our good friend and we call each other "Michaels!" That's right. It really gets confusing at times!
Besides his touring with the band, Ashley 'Michael' is also a guitar instructor at Guitar School, Northampton.
He has a rich sense of humor, and some of you might also know him for his creative and funny artworks from the YouTube show called Coffee Talk with ADIKA Live.
It's was our honor to have our good friend Ashley on our show as a Special Guest!